Photgraphs by Achinto
Brick by Brick
This Brick kiln photo project was very challenging and cruel, however longed to get back to the brickfield.
My Tent Studio was like a Hot Box in a Stormy Dust Bowl, however enjoyed the process.

Most of the Brick workers initially refused to be photographed but finally did come along with their children.

Some came washed up and hairs done up. Few turned up with flowers to be photographed with... though they were of plastic.

On seeing the digital photo print they whispered ‘beautiful’ in chorus.

Achinto Photo Feature in Republica
As they posed before the camera, it appeared to me as though they’ve brought along with them their past, present and future, while silently saying ‘it is me the Brick kiln worker…slogging it out here at the Brick kiln down the ages. Me and my family inheriting this slavery’

And finally at the last hour of our final day of shoot an elderly women brick worker waited long and insisted she be photographed.

She posed with her hands folded as we do for God.

When I had finished photographing her I tried to touch her feet in gratitude and as a mark of respect, to that she resisted saying that would be a sin for her and wished ‘all be beautiful and our efforts succeed and may God bless us all’.

While bidding good bye to us before disappearing into the evening sky’s darkness over the Brick field she said to me ‘ Iam old and alone and poor but keep working, if you wish to drop by my hut, pointing at the dark horizon, I can then offer you a simple meal of daal and bhat’.


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