Black carbon is a mass killer and is highly toxic. It is estimated that air pollution results in 1600 premature deaths in the Valley per year. Every year 837’600 tons of carbon dyoxide are released by the Valley’s brick

Whether it is moulding, carrying bricks or handling donkeys, all types of child labour in brick kilns are extremely hazardous and considered a worst form of child labour. Children as young as 6 years old make bricks.

Working in the brick factories exposes all workers especially children to irreparable health damage including acute respiratory infections, back injuries, lung cancers.

Some workers are bonded labourers which means that they receive an advance at Dashain time and work for the next 6 months to reimburse it. They don’t receive their salary as a monthly payment but as an “advance”.

There are approximately 120 brick kilns in Kathmandu Valley, one of the highest density of brick factories in the world.

Approximately 1 billion bricks are produced a year. This is equivalent to 20 times the total weight of Sagarmatha/Mount Everest.

1500 donkeys carry bricks and are made to work till they drop. Before intervention, 80% suffered from open wounds.

The Valley is sinking. Every year the equivalent of 750 olympic-size swimming pools of soil is being dug out. This depletion of soil leads to a huge loss in agriculture productivity and is contributing to the rise in food prices.
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