About BrickClean Network
The BrickClean Network has no commercial interest in promoting certain bricks. Our interest is purely social and environmental. We are “concerned citizens” and non-governmental workers forming a community of practice (social workers, teachers, health workers, child rights activists, animal rights activists, environmentalists, promoters of socially responsible business practices). We participate in the network on a voluntary basis. We receive no material or financial benefits for certifying a brick as “Clean and Green”.

The overall objective of the nework is to promote a socially responsible brick industry in Nepal, both within and outside of the Kathmandu valley.

Our specific objectives are to:
  • Eradicate child labour, forced labor and bonded labor
  • Improve living and working conditions of workers;
  • Reduce air pollution and environmental impact;
  • Eradicate animal abuse
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Prem Krishna M, Naike, 23
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