Creating Responsible Bricks for A Better Nepal
Bricks in Nepal are both a central part of the architectural character for with the country is loved, and a vital product around which Nepal’s growth is based, it also one of the moist challenging social and environmentally sectors in the country. The Better Brick Nepal initiative (BBN) is working to positively transform the brick sector throughout Nepal one kiln at a time. In partnership with kiln owners and workers BBN is creating socially and environmentally sustainable bricks that are responsibly produced and of top quality so that consumers have a real choice when selecting a brick for their building project. By combining fundamental decent work, social protections and environmental standards on the kilns, we are ensuring that the entrenchment of “Better Brick” production becomes the norm for Nepal’s brick producers and consumers. Together we are paving a new path for bricks in Nepal, one that ensures the social, economic, and environmental protection of workers and their children so that Nepali’s will finally have access to a sustainable, quality product that they can be proud to build with..

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